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Harmony in 1811

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ISBN 0-9744657-7-1. H21 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. PB. Harmony in 1811, from Travels in the United States of America by John Melish is the best surviving description of the Harmony Society's first community in America.
Intro excerpts:
"Nearly 200 years later, it remains both a wide-angled and sharply focused introduction to these remarkable people. It is all the more valuable by virtue of being the observations of an outsider. "

Travels in the United States of America, one of several books that Melish wrote, was published in 1812 and reprinted in 1815 and 1818."
Melish excerpts:
"The whole country, from Pittsburg to this place, is rather rough and uncultivated; and land sells at from two to three dollars per acre. Beyond this, as we continued our journey, we found the country to improve, and approaching the precincts of the Harmony Society, we passed some of their well-cultivated farms. here the road passes over a considerable hill, and, on reaching the top, we saw, at a little distance, the town of Harmony, elegantly situated amid flourishing and well-cultivated fields. We reached the town at 3 o'clock, and proceeded to the tavern, an excellent stone building, where we found good accommodations. "

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