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Miss Gertrude Fiedler Ziegler "Artist" (1874 - 196

Miss Gertrude Fiedler Ziegler "Artist" (1874 - 196 Image

By "Trudy" Mohlin Ziegler.
16 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Paperbound. Gertrude Fiedler Ziegler was the great grand-daughter of Abraham Ziegler, the Pioneer, who settled Harmony after the Harmonists left in 1814.

""An artist has a right to be different," was Gertrude Fiedler Ziegler's answer when someone once asked her why she spelled her name differently from the rest of her immediate family members, and "different", "unusual", "temperamental", and "eccentric" are the words used to describe this Harmony, Pa born artist who was born in the year 1874 and lived to the ripe age of four score and ten, leaving an indelible impression upon those who knew her."

The image is not the cover of the book, but the portrait of the Artist's Mother, Melissa F. Ziegler (1840 - 1905) done in charcoal. This amazing portrait now hangs in the Harmony Museum and it's size and attention to detail are something to see.

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