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1805 Barn Dutch Biscuit Pen

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You have a chance to own a piece of history! These pens were made from the wooden "Dutch Biscuits" taken out of the 1805 Harmonist Barn that still stands on Mercer St. in Harmony, PA. Dutch Biscuits are the name given to the pieces of wood that were wrapped in clay and straw and placed between the beams of buildings to provide insulation and - in homes - provided a surface to apply clay and plaster. The wood pieces were taken out of the barn and stored.

Each pen is extremely unique, as it contains the original grains and blemishes of the wood - even the post beetle holes are there!

Beautifully turned by an artisan in Slippery Rock, PA for us, these pens have gold tone hardware with black embellishments.

Each pen is different - so the pen you see pictured will not be
exactly like the one you get.

The pens are approx 5" in length and approx 7/16 in width of the wood.

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